Secrets Behind the FICO Score

Your credit score is the secret number behind everything in your life. How much you pay for insurance, your car, rent and mortgage payments, utilities, and even whether you get a job or not, are ALL based on your FICO score.

As important as your FICO score is, do you really know how it works?

Well the good news is you are about to learn the hidden secrets behind your credit scores…

Payment History – 35%

Your payment history is the largest aspect of your FICO score accounting for 35% of your overall score.

This aspect of your total score calculation is based on your prior payment history with your creditors. Late payments, defaulted accounts, and all other NEGATIVE information on your credit report have the greatest effect.

The more paid-as-agreed accounts you have and the less negative accounts, the higher the credit score.

Percentage of High-Credit Used – 30%

The second largest factor in

The Top 10 Ways A Cyber Risk Insurance Policy Can Save Your Small Business

Privacy and data security is a growing concern among Americans as not only are cyber criminals a domestic threat, they are also an international threat as countries like China and Iraq have been hacking into our mainframes with the intentions of cyber terrorism. However, it’s necessary to recognize that this can happen on any scale.

Small businesses are especially not immune to these types of attacks as hackers know that perhaps a smaller entity does not have the finances or resources to thoroughly protect themselves. So how do most data privacy and cyber security insurance policies protect you? Here are ten ways…

1. You should look to be covered if sensitive information is released under your command and claims arise from it, including any HIPPA violations.

2. You should look to be covered for failing to properly maintain your data security system if a breach occurs and sensitive information is stolen, lost or damaged.


Startups for Vets, WordPress, Web Hosting, and Business Online

Web Hosting Tools, WordPress and Business Startups

Web Hosting Tools for Startups

Female veterans are facing employment challenges as they return home. The unemployment rate for female veterans well surpasses that of their male piers. Rather than waiting for the economy to change, many of our bravest are creating their own opportunities and seeking self-employment as an alternative. And for good reasons. Female veterans of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq are facing challenges when they return home from deployment. So often when we think about vets coming home and looking for employment, we visualize our brave soldiers coming home to a land of opportunity. But that is far from the reality. When vets come home they face a whole series of transitions that vets need to make in order to gain employment.

Many female veterans are single mothers who have a lot to go through all at once. Being a job seeker and also being a Mom can be

Buying a Home in Leander, TX

Leander, Texas, is located in Williamson County, just 25 minutes from downtown Austin. It was established way back in 1882. Leander was named in honor of Leander “Catfish” Brown, a railroad official.

The Leanderthal Lady, a prehistoric skeleton, was discovered nearby at one of the earliest intact burial sites in the United States.

Leander marks the northeast rim of Texas’ hill country, and sits atop the Edwards Formation; Cretaceous bedrock composed of massive, permeable limestone. This is of particular interest to area homeowners, because this solid substratum limits the potential for soil-related movement of a home’s foundation.

Leander saw rapid growth after 2000, and was the 37th fastest-growing city in America as of 2009. The city’s civic and business leadership committed to insuring a sustainable future for Leander, and enacted two award-winning land and planning initiatives: the Composite Zoning Ordinance, and the Smart Code.

Offering hill country living in proximity to Austin, Leander has many

Tips on Managing Your Savings, Credit Cards and Living Within Your Means

Managing your finances is a constant challenge at all stages of life and requires a different approach and strategy at different times in your life. There are some basic principles that you can follow in order to get you on the right track. Step one is to take ownership and control of your financial situation. There is no need to put the resolution to your problem off as this will only make the situation worse in the long run.

A good rule to go buy is that you should never use credit to buy consumer items like cars, clothing or vacations. It is important to only use credit to buy things which increase in value over time such as education, real estate or a business. Linked to this is the ides that you should only use credit cards for convenience rather than carrying debt. Especially if you are prone to incurring a lot of credit card debt, then you should